In addition to the usual VMI systems which are based on stock or consumption reports we also practise an RFID-based VMI with our customers. Reduced costs, optimal stock of goods, permanent inventory: that is what we offer you with this system. With our automated inventory management which we fully conduct ourselves in your warehouse, we take care of efficient inventory management. We determine the desired and minimum stocks together with you. Within these limits, our customer care staff then supervise your inventory autonomously.

How does efficient inventory management work?

The basis of our management system are packing units fitted with RFID. These ensure that every packing unit can be identified at every point of the logistics chain clearly and at a distance. This allows us to determine your stock of paper cores in your warehouse automatically via RFID reader and to send this online to our inventory manager. As customer you benefit not only from a diminished error rate and reduced costs but also from the fact that inventory dates are nearly superfluous.

Your benefits:

  • No more out-of-stock situations and incorrect quantity data
  • Clearly reduced costs and reduced effort for ordering goods and their administration
  • Lower error rate thanks to a permanent inventory
  • Monitoring and scheduling function autarkically