Film or foil reels which telescope or contract, or cores which loosen within the reeled goods – these are all costly process disturbances. We support you with solutions for these problems. The basis for our development work is the latest findings of our winding pressure research.

Our paper cores have long since developed into an integral technical machine element. All the more important that the core can withstand every pressure. Numerous factors within the manufacturing process and further processing of films and foils influence the winding pressure. It matters which foil or composite is used, likewise, the thickness of the reeled good is decisive, the reel dimensions, the type of winding process, as well as the storage and transport conditions. Because even after winding, the film or foil changes and the pressure on the cores varies.

The perfect core for every requirement

The goal of our winding pressure research: We want to offer you the perfect core for every application. To achieve this goal, we first measure the radial pressure actually acting on your winding machine. In the second step, the radial pressure is simulated in a test device especially developed by Paul & Co and the internal deformation of the core is measured. On the basis of these measuring values we then optimise our paper cores corresponding to your requirements.

Above and beyond this, the winding pressure measurement is a valuable aid for the investigation of error sources during the winding process, which cannot be ascribed to the paper core. That is why we conduct long-term tests, climate tests and adjustment optimisations of winders. Thus machine manufacturers benefit from our findings as well as you do.

Your benefits:

  • Perfect core for every application
  • Support for exclusion of error sources in the winding process
  • Consistency even under maximum strains
K Cores

K Cores

Do you need a core which withstands even maximum strains during the winding process without problems? For this purpose, we at Paul & Co have developed our K cores together with you. They are based on the measuring values for winding with plastic films and foils. Due to its construction, the K core meets the radial forces of wound up plastic films and foils in a special manner: it absorbs the winding pressure of the film or foil and so withstands the strains better and longer.

In order to deliver the suitable K core for your requirements, we initially determine your perfect core together with you in a comprehensive analysis of the winding process.