The demands that newsprint puts on cores are very high. A core must withstand both modern rewinders and high-speed printing presses. Our paper cores of the GP Premium® series fulfil these requirements. Through special strengths, precise dimensions and good characteristics of concentric rotation, our GP Premium® cores guarantee optimal processing.

Together with you, we have consequently oriented the development of these cores towards the technical requirements of your production. The experts from our own paper mills have supported us all the way. In intensive development work we have determined the following qualities for your application areas:

GP Premium® 2.00 - 3.99
GP Premium® 5.00 - 8.99

Newsprint paper
Rotogravure and offset paper

Your benefits:

  • Special strengths
  • Precise dimensions
  • Good characteristics of concentric rotation
  • Different qualities for diverse applications available

Product Configurator

We will help you to choose the correct paper core for your special requirements in the paper and printing industry. With the help of our electronic configurator you can precisely determine which of our cores matches your graphic papers. Simply enter the necessary information about requirements and framework conditions, such as type of spindle, reel width and printing method in the configurator.

You will then receive specific recommendations for the maximum possible web speed at the specified framework conditions and the associated speed resistance. In addition, our configurator will prepare a graphic for the minimum quality to be used, which will represent the critical web speed dependent on the residual layer thickness on the core. In this way, the influence of the residual reel on the critical web speed can be read out precisely – and there’s nothing standing in the way of a well-founded decision!

The Configurator