Whether metal profiles, stucco strips or glass tubes: we at Paul & Co have the perfect packaging solution. With our 2U-Box you can transport delicate and long goods such as mountings or skirting boards safely protected – and that even with a length of up to 8.0 meters. Use our 2U-Box when there are no suitable folding boxes available or when your packaged goods must not roll and therefore circular long packaging is not worth considering.  

From individual package dispatch to packaging units on pallets: the sturdy paper covers prevent damage caused by knocks, folding and bending during handling and in the vehicle.  


Our solution for long goods:

The 2U-Box consists of two precisely adjusted U-Profiles, into which you place your transported goods. The height of the internal space is variable. The construction offers high stability, because even with very long packages, the package does not distort. Our 2U-Box is available in a side length of up to 97 x 200 x 97 mm and in any desired length up to 8.0 m. This length is variable depending on requirement and can be cut back easily at any time.

Depending on your requirements, we also individually design the type of closure. The closure can, for example, consist of another two U-Profiles. These are placed inside and stapled or put on at the outside and fixed with adhesive tape. In addition, the packaging can be imprinted in one or two colours. Wrapped in foil, your goods are not only protected against mechanical damage but also against soiling and moisture.

The Standard dimensions:

  • Inside dimensions in mm: 95 x 200 x 95 x length
  • U-Profile lower section: 97 x 200 x 97 x 4 x length
  • U-Profile upper section: 92 x 210 x 92 x 4 x length
  • Inside dimensions in mm: 87 x 75 x 87 x length
  • U-Profile lower section: 89 x 75 x 89 x 3 x length
  • U-Profile upper section: 55 x 82 x 55 x 3 x length
  • Inside dimensions in mm: 90 x 140 x 90 x length
  • U-Profile lower section: 92 x 140 x 92 x 3 x length
  • U-Profile upper section: 52 x 150 x 52 x 3 x length

Your benefits:

  • Optimal transport protection for goods up to a length of 8.0 m
  • Packaging easy to shorten with frequent length changes
  • Variable height of interior space
  • High stability even with very long transport goods