Automatic feeding of angular edge protectors into a packaging machine harbours special challenges. To guarantee smooth flow we have developed a machine-grade angular edge protector together with you. Most of all, it is characterised by a particularly high dimensional accuracy.

In a special manufacturing process, we reliably adjust its geometry and tolerances for you to the special requirements of the respective packaging machine. By means of a refill system our angular edge protectors can be fed fully automatically into the strapping machine and can be positioned very precisely.

Besides most narrow tolerances as well as clean cutting edges we guarantee you the following:

  • Angular accuracy 90° with a maximum deviation of +/-2°
  • Corner radius of maximum 2 mm

Available dimensions:

  • 45 x 45 x 4 x 100 mm (magazine)
  • 45 x 45 x 3 x 1.600 mm (positioning system)

Your benefits:

  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Most narrow tolerances
  • Clean cutting edges