When you decide in favour of products from Paul & Co, we guarantee highest quality and delivery reliability. To guarantee this, we produce the board for our products in our own paper mills. By manufacturing core board at Papeteries du Rhin and at Carl Macher we make sure that core board for the production of your paper cores is always available in the required quantity and quality. Above and beyond that you benefit from this close interlinking a second time because: our findings on the influence of the raw material on your cores flows directly into the manufacture of core board.

You can also be assured of the following: paper products from our core paper mills are based on waste paper, are produced in a sustainable manner and are 100 % recyclable. Because both your requirements on the quality of our products and the environment are paramount for us.

At both sites, on two paper machines with widths of 3.65 and 2.40 m we annually produce 300,000 tonnes of high-quality core board for you. We produce core board in all qualities from 250 to 1,000 Joules ply bond strength, in all common grammages and with thicknesses from 0.19 to 1.0 mm.

In the mill Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere in Brunnenthal near Hof, 135 employees annually produce 210,000 tonnes of high-quality core board. This makes Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere in Upper Franconia the most efficient core board mill in Europe.

Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere
Papeteries du Rhin

70 employees annually produce 90,000 tonnes of core board in the Papeteries du Rhin in Illzach, France. Product quality and sustainability are paramount. The Papeteries du Rhin obtains its steam from the local incineration plant, which is supplied with the industrial water from the paper mill at the same time.

Papeteries du Rhin