A sparing use of the treasures of nature, as well as the reduction in environmental impacts through noise, exhausts, dust development and waste water are part of our company policy. When producing our paper cores, edge protector solutions and our core board, we always have your demands and the environment in focus.

When manufacturing our products, we rely mainly on renewable raw materials and comply with the relevant environmental laws and regulations. In addition, we engage ourselves in the professional association of our industry and also in environmental working groups so that we are constantly up to date.

Wiese mit Baum

Joint commitment for environmental protection

In addition, we at Paul & Co have prepared own Ecopolitical Guidelines which explain our positions with regard to essential environmentally relevant subjects in detail. In our commitment for the environment we integrate our employees, our suppliers and corresponding authorities just like we integrate you, our customers. Our goal: Together, we want to anchor an awareness which will contribute towards protection of the environment.

Compliant with REACH

We provide a major contribution to environmental protection by exclusively using adhesives without boric acid (Borax) when producing our paper cores. Instead, for your cores, we rely on sodium silicate, PVA adhesive or adhesives produced on starch basis.

In addition, none of the auxiliary materials we use, which, like lubricants are in direct contact with our products, contain mineral oil. With this self-commitment we follow the guidelines from the German Pulp and Paper Association (VdP) and the Trade Associations Paper Processing (WPV).

Of course, our core board plants Papeteries du Rhin and Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere also engage themselves with targeted measures for the environment.

Certified sustainability

We are striving for a full environmental certification according to ISO 14001 an. Currently the central functions at Paul & Co Wildflecken, as well as the plants Kunert Peiting, Kunert Soest, Kunert Wedderstedt, Paul & Co Thailand, Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere and Papeteries du Rhin are already certified according to the standard.



We are member of the Recycling Systems RESY – a strong alliance of corrugated board manufacturers, waste paper disposal companies and manufacturers of containerboard. By printing the RESY symbol on all our edge protector solutions, we guarantee that they are disposed of by our partners of the Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH and that the materials are recycled.