Whether paper cores, edge protectors or core board: We at Paul & Co develop, together with you and on the basis of long-term experience, customised solutions for every requirement. As strong partner with a commitment to local sites we are always there for you. Since our company foundation we have grown continuously to offer you the best care possible. Thus, 1,500 employees in 14 plants worldwide are pleased to meet your challenges. Whether standard or special production: For us your satisfaction is decisive.

Together with you we develop customised solutions made of paper cores, edge protectors and core board. Our global orientation and our deliberate local focus allow us to accompany you optimally. Our promise to you: Equally high quality and environmental standards in all our plants.


Commitment to local sites has a high place value for us 

The centre of our worldwide paper core production is our plant in Wildflecken, Bavaria. Our experts for product development, quality management, marketing and investment planning work from there. In addition to high-performance paper cores for printing papers, surface-refined cores for all types of films and foils are part of our specialty products there.

We produce the high-quality raw material for our paper cores and edge protector products in Germany and France. With Carl Macher Hülsenpapiere in Brunnenthal near Hof, Upper Franconia, Europe‘s most efficient core board manufacture is part of our Group.

Worldwide operations for you


Specialty products from our site in Switzerland, the Hülsenfabrik Lenzhard, are spirally wound cores for paper and foils as well as adhesive tape rings. In addition to this, a special focus of the Swiss colleagues are Inkjet cores and cores for the food industry.


In Breitenau, Lower Austria, the experts at Paul & Co Austria produce spirally wound standard cores and angular edge protectors for you.


In France we are represented at two more locations with Beillard Tubes Carton S.A.. In La Talaudière, near Lyon, the focus of our production is on cores for the paper and film and foil industry as well as on angular edge protectors. In addition, we coordinate our activities for the Southern European paper core market from there. In St. Hilaire, near Grenoble, we mainly bank on our know-how of convolute cores for the textile industry and angular edge protectors.  Above and beyond this, the experts from our core board plant Papeteries du Rhin in Illzach, France, supply our production sites with core board in high qualities.

Hungary and Slovakia:

With the spirally wound cores from our plants Halaspack in Kiskunhalas, Hungary, and Paul & Co Slovensko in Ružomberok, we access the Eastern European market. In addition to spirally wound cores, fibre drums and angular edge protector products are also manufactured at our site Halaspack. A specialty of the Halaspack plant are tampon cores for the femcare sector.


Prompt and reliable delivery in South East Asia is looked after by Paul & Co Asia. Specialties of the two production sites Serpong Tangerang in the greater Jakarta area and Tambon Takiantia south of Bangkok are surface-refined cores for the film and foil industry. Paul & Co Asia in Thailand is the export centre for all Asian activities all the way to the Middle East.