We are waiting for you

You have just completed your school education and would like to start full speed ahead? You want to pursue a new career and are still looking for your place in the working world? Then apply now for an apprenticeship or place to study at Paul & Co.

We offer you:

  • ”Duales Studium” on-the-job degree studies:
    International Business / Intercultural Management (Bachelor of Arts m/f/o)
  • Traineeships in commercial professions:
    Industrial clerk (m/f/o) and qualified IT specialist (m/f/o) for system integration
  • Traineeships in industrial/technical professions:
    Technologist packing materials (m/f/o), industrial mechanic (m/f/o), mechatronics technician (m/f/o), machine and system operator (m/f/o)
  • Advanced training:
    Qualifications as an industrial technician (m/f/o), BA in engineering (m/f/o) and business administration (m/f/o) with specialisation in Industry and International Business Administration
  • Cooperation with universities:
    In close cooperation with various universities, we enable students to do their diplomas and final dissertation papers in the sectors of paper, paper cores and logistics.
  • Internships for students


During your apprenticeship or studies you can rely on us as partner at any time. As an acknowledged apprenticing company with long-term experience and numerous awards we arrange the training individually according to your competences and support you in all matters.

Applications will continue to be accepted !

You have the choice

You see your professional future more in the commercial sector or in another technical profession? You can find further job offers and training opportunities on the Careers page of the Kunert Group.

Your direct line to us

We have raised your interest but you still need further information about our training places? It will be our pleasure to help you. Please send us your enquiries or applications simply by email to: gerardo.delrioromero@paulundco.de