The Flex-Winkel variably adapts to different shapes of tranportation containers thus fitting flat and safe. The edge protector has two strap guides on the sides which reliably keep tension belts in position.  


Your advantages

With the Flex-Winkel, our new load-securing system for special forms of packaging, you reliably secure your cargo - thus contributing to safety of all road users. Because properly secured cargo does not slip. 

Complete system to secure Octabins

With the Flex-Winkel, Paul & Co and Kunert Wellpappe offer a complete system to secure Octabins. This also includes type LS angular edge protectors in dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm x 9 mm which are used for lashing down with tension straps. It keeps the straps from cutting into the cardboard. 

Both the Flex-Winkel and the angular edge protector type LS are certified by the Gesellschaft für technische Überwachung (Society for Technial Inspection).