Paul & Co at Zellcheming-Expo 2019

In dialogue: Expertise in winding processes


Zellcheming 2019

In a dynamic market environment like that of the paper industry, it's absolutely critical to have an holistic view of developments in production techniques and networking of processes. The overall technological trend (which can be summed up "faster, wider, higher") keeps pushing towards winders and slitters with higher speeds and greater precision. At the same time, requirements have become more exacting with regard to economy and efficiency. The efficiency and flexibility of production control depend most importantly on the characteristics and quality of the cores used. Cores serve double duty, being integral components of both the production line and the final product.

Paul & Co is one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of hard paper cores. This company is known amongst specialists for its experience in project and process planning. Cores play an important part in automated production and processing. A well-designed core increases throughput times – during both winding at the paper mill and unwinding in further processing or at the customer’s site. The experts at Paul & Co pay close attention to the perfect interactions between the core, the winding equipment, the machine settings and the wound products –  because that's what it takes to eliminate sources of faults in the winding process and guarantee high efficiency and short cycle times. "Our work with our customers is characterised by intense, solution-focussed exchanges of ideas," said Manfred Kunert, managing partner of Paul & Co.

Performance is the Magic Word
 "Knowing which points in the process to adjust in order to positively affect the performance of a paper mill is of decisive importance to the overall efficiency," Kunert explained. "Dialogue is the foundation of our efforts. The standard we set for ourselves is premium quality. And the challenge is to deliver high performance to our customers."

The secret to the company's success is its willingness and capability to develop paper cores not simply according to customer-provided parameters, but rather as components requiring an interdisciplinary, holistic understanding of the overall process. At Paul & Co, innovations take shape that are designed and assembled according to the latest technology and paper characteristics.

Premium-level Quality Assurance
 The quality parameters of Paul & Co's paper cores are subject to continual monitoring, and the internal company quality standards to which these premium cores are produced are already far above the specified standards.

The company's product portfolio of entirely recyclable hard paper cores is as varied as the product range of the paper mills, including specially developed and manufactured paper cores of diverse sizes and quality levels for graphic paper, newspaper, corrugated board base paper,packaging paper, hygienic paper, decorative paper, inkjet paper, and all  other types of speciality paper.

Visit us at the Zellcheming Expo in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 25 to 27, 2019, in Hall 4.1 at booth E 69.

About Paul & Co:
 The Kunert Group brings together specialists in paper cores, corrugated cardboard packaging, edge protectors and core board. Paul & Co is a core manufacturer with 1,600 employees across 15 production sites in Europe and Asia whose innovative custom solutions enable its customers to meet and overcome the challenges that confront them each day. With a tradition reaching back 125 years, this company never stops developing its products. Instead, its custom-tailored products, solution-focussed attitude and customer-orientated service continue to set new standards for the industry.



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