Paul & CO at ICE 2019

Experts in Dialogue with the Converting Industry: Paper Cores Designed with Processes in Mind

Paul & Co at ICE 2019

A specialist for paper cores needs to have a firm grasp of more than just production. As a company looking back on a long tradition of excellence, Paul & Co appreciates how important processes are. The company provides customers with its wealth of experience in paper core manufacturing while custom tailoring it to suit their requirements. The company's experts are interested in more than just the product: They also actively seek dialogue with films and foils manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies.

For paper core specialist Paul & Co, the focus of this year's ICE is on current and future developments in the films and foils industry against the backdrop of growing concerns regarding the environment – and the EU policies on plastics resulting thereof.

According to the "Vision for Europe’s New Plastics Economy", by 2030, all plastic packaging brought into circulation on the EU market is to be reusable or cost-effectively recyclable. The demands and characteristics of these new types of films and foils will confront manufacturers, their raw material suppliers, plant and system engineering, as well as paper core manufacturers with new challenges. During ICE Europe, Paul & Co will seek dialogue partners along the entire value creation chain. Close cooperation and detailed process knowledge will allow all parties involved to actively contribute to future-facing, innovative solutions.

The product portfolio of this family company is impressively large. Aside from standard cores for PE films and special, exceptionally rigid "K-cores", Paul & Co can also provide numerous special features, including surface treatments to prevent markings on even the thinnest of films in order to reduce waste, adhesive surfaces, etc. These paper cores are 100 percent recyclable and provide a good, safe alternative to high-quality cores made of plastic. Paul & Co's specialists are available at any time to provide the customer with their expertise and support in dealing with any challenges that arise in the manufacturing process.

Solution-driven and service-orientated individual approach
The goal of any consultation is to find exactly the right solution for any customer and application. "We seek intense, solution-focussed dialogue with our customers," explains Manfred Kunert, Managing Director of Paul & Co. "The variable compression loads during winding, the characteristics of the various types of films, the conditions during transport and storage – all of these factors must be considered in order to ensure that we find the right core for each wound product. The core is nothing less than an integral part of the overall process, a structural element of the machines! To keep all of the customer's manufacturing processes running efficiently, everything has to fit together, from the correct fit and the right specifications to the suitability of the material for each applied cutting technology."

Intensive expert consultations are essential for finding the ideal solution. Today more than ever, dialogue with customers and experts is an important part of developing new methods and driving innovation forwards. Specialist visitors from the international converting industry can come to the 11th ICE Europe in Munich from March 12 to 14, 2019, and get a picture of things themselves. In Hall A6 at Stand 216, Paul & Co's specialists will be on hand and up for any discussion relevant to the company's goal: thinking ahead and perfecting processes.

About Paul & Co:
The Kunert Group brings together specialists in paper cores, corrugated cardboard packaging, edge protectors and core board. Paul & Co is a paper core manufacturer with 1,600 employees across 15 production plants in Europe and Asia whose innovative custom solutions enable its customers to meet and overcome the challenges that confront them each day. With a tradition reaching back 125 years, this company never stops developing its products. Instead, its custom-tailored products, solution-focussed attitude and customer-orientated service continue to set new standards for the industry.