The Tack High Core is a real innovation: The surface of our new core for films and foils is entirely covered with an adhesive which can be activated using water as needed. Whether adhesion shall act entirely or only over part, as well as the adhesion force itself is easily regulated by the amount of moisture applied. 

Your advantages

  • The use of start-up winding aids like double-sided adhesive tape is no longer required
  • Before start of winding, the applied film can be adjusted and newly positioned
  • Without humidification the surface of the cores remains smooth and the cores do not stick together. This also applies in case of high temperatures or humidity levels
  • Dust build-up especially while cores are being cut and markings from adhesive tape edges on wound materials are a thing of the past

Our staff members of Paul & Co would be pleased to show you at your company how easy it is to use the Tack High Core.